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Hacking - new Wave of Crime

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I hate hackers. I hate them so much that I would like to disembowel every one of them, preferably in a public place where a large crowd could gather to watch the medieval suffering. Alas, the problem is convincing everyone else to feel the same as I do. But perhaps progress is being made.

In recent weeks, a brand new virus has been unleashed, paralyzing companies, causing massive shut-downs, and basically interrupting normal activity. The people -- if they can be called that -- want money to "un-encrypt" the systems. Or whatever the term for it would be. It hasn't affected me yet, so why should I care? Yes, I have to put up with the endlessly invasive crap that appears on my computer screen, but I guess I am not important enough to really rip off.  So far, the computer has not crashed. Hooray!
I work with a lot of people who make a living in the computer industry. One way or the other. Some are programmers, some are marketing specialists, some just stare at the screen for 50,000 rubles per month, doing or pretending to do...something..

In the past, whenever I have brought up the subject of hackers, I have always sensed that these people really-seriously do not consider such  f*ckwad assholes to be criminals. Not in the same way as, say, someone who walked up to you and put a knife to you throat, demanding money and OF COURSE the smart phone. Now THOSE GUYS are real criminals, especially if they come from a foreign country. The BIG NIGGER who rapes your (probably compliant) wife -- that is the CRIMINAL. That's what you want to watch out for -- and if you live in America, that's why you load your gun -- to protect yourself against the BIG NIGGER.... who never comes. Most of the time you end up shooting the bitch yourself. Statistics prove it. Don't argue.

So that kind of crime we all understand and deplore. I mean, what sort of self-respecting, an upwardly mobile 30-ish gentleman with the PERFECT wife at home could responsibly go about saying, "Let's facking steal EVERYTHING? No, people want to believe that they are law-abiding. People try to convince themselves that they are GOOD.
Yet somehow, some way, computer hackers get a pass. In other words, the imaginary 'nigger' pounding your wife's pussy is a serious offense, but the pimple-faced teenage cobsucker in the suburbs who is stealing your IDENTITY is NOT a criminal?? No, he is just a bored teenager with too much time and too many computer skills, just a 'good kid' from a 'good family'who is up to a bit of mischief. Without a computer at his disposal, this lank streak of piss would have nothing whatsoever to recommend himself -- he couldn't fight his way out of a used tampon -- but give him a keyboard and let him go clicking clicking clicking, and God knows what galaxy he might become the hero of?
The internet is the way that weak people can become, at least in their own minds, intergalactic porn stars.

Hey, I don't mind a bit of fantasy. And I can accept a multitude of different lifestyles. Time has hardened me in some ways, but mostly in the way of reality-acceptance. No, I don't think that people are good. No, I have no idealism regarding the human race. Yes, I think that people are generally assholes. It doesn't mean I don't see the stars at night with a blistering passion that sometimes leads to tears.  Sometimes God -- whatever he is or might be -- gives me a hug.

But I am painfully aware that what human beings create on the one hand (something marvelous), they turn right around and screw it up with the other.. Nothing EVER changes, and that is why I don't sing the old idealist folk songs anymore. "We Shall Overcome". No, we ain't going to overcome NOTHING.

Internet hackers are simply the latest wave in the manner that human beings always screw things up. They are NOT nice kids playing video games. They are pernicious criminals who need a good dose of a medieval rack. I wish I could destroy every last one of them.
===Eric Richard Le Roy===
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